analysis techniques
analysis techniques
analysis techniques


Data processing and modelling – e.g. Transform lab, plant and analytical data into a form that allows to make conclusions and find trends or even a kinetics / process model to improve the understanding of your chemical process

Process optimisation – e.g. Six Sigma, Design of Experiments and other efficient techniques

Synthesis route

Chemical synthesis route development, optimisation and analysis

Determination of reaction mechanism, rate determining step, kinetics, selectivity, turn over number, etc.

Process development

Process design – conceptual process design

Lab plant, pilot plant and full scale plant design, built, commissioning, operation and optimisation

Process / chemical analytics

Electrical conductivity (at elevated temperatures)

(Total) Vapour pressure – Caillette method for e.g. input for safety studies

ThermoGravimetric Analyses

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

High Pressure Liquid Chromatrography

Gel Permeation Chromatography

ThermoMechanical Analysis

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis


And many others

Custom synthesis / TOLL manufacturing

Production of chemicals from mg to multi tonne scale (of non energetics only at the moment)

Custom equipment / process designs

Lab set-ups

Mini- / Pilot-plants

If we do not provide it yet we are eager to provide it in future or find the right (local) cooperation to provide it as part of a complete service / solution